Copywriting with a Conscience

Authenticity. Integrity. Environmental and social responsibility. These are just a few of the sustainable business values at the core of your company. Deep-rooted, personal values you share with a dedicated market of conscious consumers.
Now, you need a copywriter who gets it. Who takes the time to listen to your vision and voice. Who crafts your message into high-impact marketing content with authentic emotional weight for your audience....

...A writer who understands your green business values
because she lives them herself.

Hi, I'm Phila Hoopes, copywriter and permaculture practitioner.

With more than a decade of green marketing experience and green advocacy at the corporate, nonprofit, and local Chamber of Commerce levels - not to mention decades of work in consciousness and empowerment - I help my clients market their sustainable and regenerative businesses and healing practices from a deeper perspective.

Turn to me for authentic copywriting to promote your expertise, touch your readers’ hearts, and transform
passing interest to return visitors and sales.

Services and Samples

Web Content
Web Content

Your web presence can serve many purposes: client education, lead generation, info-marketing, social marketing, or e-commerce. What’s the common point? Content!

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Sales Letters
Sales Letters

How can you make sure your sales content is effective? First of all, know your audience. Second – know how to touch their hearts and speak to their wants.

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When your website has a blog that is continually being updated with new posts, your ranking automatically rises…and with it your traffic, and ultimately your sales....

(Don't miss the endorsements from a wellness coach and nationally-known marketing guru..)


If your services go beyond a simple one-time transaction – if you’re helping your clients to make a change in their lives or their habits, or to learn a new skill – an e-course can provide the information and motivation they need to begin.

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Marketing Articles
Marketing Articles

A steady stream of articles with your byline, in your field of expertise, builds your professional presence, your credibility, and your clients’ trust.

(Don't miss the samples on Healthy Sleep and Self Care in Emotional Storms...)


Focused, concise, and easy to distribute virally, e-books are the perfect tool for establishing yourself as an online authority in your field.

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Service for the Long Term

Since 2005, I have provided all of these services, and more, in long-term working relationships with sustainable and regenerative businesses, visionary nonprofits, and holistic healers. They respond with endorsements like these:

Since 2011, Phila Hoopes has supported my work through a variety of roles, including website manager, social media content coordinator, editor/proofreader, fundraising content developer, marketing consultant, and more. Approaching the Matthew Fox Legacy Project with a marketing perspective grounded in green business, eco-spirituality, permaculture, and energy healing, she has brought not only professional expertise but also personal passion to the work. I value our ongoing connection and recommend her highly.
~~ The Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox, Bestselling Author, Theologian, and Educator

Phila Hoopes began working with Verge as a contractor in 2011, when we were a small permaculture design/education firm. Over the past years, she has become an integral part of the team, writing and editing web content and sales pages, email funnels and e-courses, blogs, articles, social media posts, and crisis communications, to name only a few. Her friendly, approachable, and informed marketing voice has authentically communicated our message and increased registration in our programs. She's played a key role in our strategic growth as well, introducing us to the concepts of summit marketing and book blog tours, and driving the message of our first, wildly successful online Permaculture Design Certification course promotion during COVID. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Phila and highly recommend her services.
~~ Michelle Avis, co-founder, Verge Permaculture

Phila, there aren’t very many people who can write or re-write articles and original content in the voice of another person (namely myself) but that’s exactly what you did for us – you did a very impressive job. One of the most important things for a self-published consultant or author is that voice itself. Thanks for being consistent with mine and doing such fine work.
~~ Perry S. Marshall, Bestselling Author, Trainer and Guerrilla Marketer

Communicate your values in your voice!

For online and offline content that authentically conveys your message, trust a marketer who shares your values.
Contact me using the widget below, and let me give your vision your voice.